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Aubyanne M Poulter
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So. How long have you been a fan of Hatter / Alice? I've got you beat -- by a decade. But I do so welcome you to the club! I'm a charter member.

In that ever-clichéd nutshell (no tin-inpunded), I'm a soon-to-be-published author with a background in various forms of audio production and musical, theatrical performance, criminal psychology and behavioural profiling.

More formally, I was a USDOJ interviewer for a violent offender assessment and male-batterer syndrome data collection programme where I received the necessary training to complete the dozen or so interviews I would conduct one strange summer. From it, I've gained decent credit for any post-grad undertakings I should consider, as well as vital experience; though my once-eventual goal to ply my skill at FBI-NCAVC (violent crimes resource specialist), this young(ish) woman went west before the TS clearance was complete.

My arguable calling remains, what pop-terms calls, 'criminal profiling' - which is tackled these days in the realm of fiction and fantasy. Keeping to the pages seems to allow me to tread the Abyss' edge with enough of a tether to my own sanity - however thin, or nigh to snapping that may seem.

I've been called anachronistic, downright odd, and slightly more than mad. At times, it's a compliment; at others, makes it hella difficult to find suitable guests at my very own mad tea. Presently, that now includes a wonderful husband (who only seems the more sane of us), a brilliant cast who never cease to amuse, astonish, and sometimes mend, and motivate me, their writer-director-producer, and crazy costar. Especially this postmodern Alice's very own Hatter, (who I'm still not sure is actually real, mind) most befittingly earning his keep, navigating the trenches of Screenland and Hollyweird - the veritable Wonderland this place truly is, and like no other. Where reality and fantasy collide, have tea (laced with absinthe), fall into bed and make passionate, soulful love, only to tumble out at dawn's first light, like nothing transpired the night before. ( Oh, L.A. .... ) I've decided it's part my job - one of the few, proud creative subversives, who still has an appreciation for art with a comprehension of commercialism - to bring them back together, once and for all; a marriage of madness for the senses, stage, and screen.

'Til then ... I occupy, educate, and often perplex myself with a variety of people, places and things. (Yes, I do like my nouns.) Some of my more salient experiences can be found here -- when I bother to update them. ( ... Not the best at that. Working on it. Really.)

Oh, and one more thing - despite the choice of username, (the once Curious Clarice, Starling in Wonderland, Vorpal Mindhunter, Dark Alice, and even Phantasmaegoria), mind that I'm not looking for a diabolical killer to take up residence in my head, nor will I ever be accepting applications. The position's already been filled, thanks, and 'tis not a bit all it's cracked up to be.

But while you're here -- why not take a step through my looking-glass?

The 8TH SQUARE Series

© 2000 Aubigne Spratling:

Book I. The making of the monster. Dr Penderan Fauste: Prodigy. Criminologist. Serial Killer. What madness corrupts youthful brilliance into violent obsession? The answer is lost inside a Wonderland of his own design - until her.
[ ETA: 2014 ]

Book II. High school's difficult enough without being a covert operative for an elite government taskforce. 'Alice' is charged with the most trying task of all: pretending to be herself - while retrieving the fugitive known as 'Hatter'.
[ ETA: TBD ]

Book III. Oxford don of Criminology, Dr Penderan Fauste, leads a dangerous double life, and exposing it might be the only defence his young protege has against a determined killer. But can he save her - and himself - before the Jabberwocky returns him to where he most fears?
[ ETA: 2016 ]

Book IV. Riley Wingate, now a FBI-NCAVC crime analyst, leads the manhunt for the Cheshire Cat Killer who is replicating the signature murders of her former mentor, the heralded Dr Penderan Fauste, with whom she shares a perilous and ambiguous intimacy.
[ Audio drama series adaptation: 'Hunting Alice: The Audio Drama Series' to launch 27 January 2012. Please review website for details and updates. ]
[ ETA: 2013 ]

Book V. Sequel to 'HUNTING ALICE'. Completed 2004. Details forthcoming.
[ ETA: TBD ]

Book VI. Sequel to 'SHARDS OF A LOOKING-GLASS'. Completed 2006. Details forthcoming.
[ ETA: TBD ]

Book VII. Sequel to 'A CURIOUS REDEMPTION'. Begun 2010. Details forthcoming.
[ ETA: TBD ]

Book VIII. Sequel to 'LINGERING IN THE GOLDEN GLEAM'. Planning. Details forthcoming.
[ ETA: TBD ]


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